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CIDATThe Hoses Specialist with a winning team in grinding, pumping and cycloning. CIDAT S.p.A. is one of the most important European Company working in the field of fluid transmission, of technical rubber products, as well as thermoplastic materials, joints and anchorage clamps.

Core business of the Company is the national and international distribution and retailing of rubber high and low pressure hoses and relative fittings.
CIDAT S.p.A. flagship products include:

  • high pressure hydraulic hose in rubber, PTFE and thermoplastic material;
  • hydraulic fittings;
  • medium and low pressure hose in rubber, PVC and PU for industrial, dewatering and relative fittings

Moreover today Cidat S.p.A. can offer leading solutions in abrasion resistant pipelines for slurries, hydro transportation, mineral and coal treatements. The Office Headquarter is located in Italy, whereas the factory is located in Romania and all of them have achieved successfully the ISO EN 9001:2008


SagiCofimSagicofim is the result of the merger of Sagi Italiana and Cofim, which both played a major role into the air distribution and air filtration market. Sagi Italiana was established in 1984 and very soon it became a market leader in designing and manufacturing components for air diffusion and air distribution, such as grilles, diffusers, dampers, fire dampers and sound attenuators. Cofim, established in 1964, was the first Italian manufacturer of absolute filters, distinguish itself for its fast growing in the market, thanks to a complete range of solutions for civil, industrial and military applications. Sagicofim, following the very same route of the former two companies, kept on investing in Research and Development and, supported by longterm partnerships with the most prestigious Italian Universities, it is always in advance of the evolution.

Nowadays SagiCofim is working in the HVAC with its three Divisions – Air Filtration, Comfort and Engineering – to support customers and designers in finding the right solution for every kind of application, with standard or tailor made products. Air Filtration: thanks to its several manufacturing lines it is possible to supply a wide range of products, ranging from rigid pocket filters up to HEPA and ULPA filters for critical applications. Comfort: A complete line-up of solutions, including supply and exhaust grilles, high induction or displacement diffuser – with stylish versions for applications where interior design matters – air flow control devices such as dampers, VAV and CAV regulators, fire dampers and sound attenuators, is available to suit all the requests. Engineering: whenever a standard solution is not enough to meet the customers’ requests, the Engineering Division comes into action supporting the client from the design stage to the delivery of the products.


effeBiEffe.Bi. was established in 1987 and, soon after the start-up, the company has reached full operation at beginning of 1989 and by various steps of investment it has gained the current size of 35 employees working in the modern premises of 7500 m2 located in S. Giacomo di Teglio.

The Company designs and manufactures products for air diffusion, filtration and components for insulation and safety of HVAC systems in civil, industrial and marine plants.

The air handling is a growing field with a steady technical evolution.

The product’s demand is continuously increasing and Effe.Bi. answers positively to market’s requests by improving its technical equipment and including inside the company metal works formerly outsourced to third parties.

The main production is based on:

  • air inlet and outlet grilles with the possibility of constructing walls and doors with grilles as well.
  • air flow control devices: regulation dampers, overpressure dampers, shut-off dampers
  • fire dampers according to EN 1366
  • marine fire-dampers with MED European certification
  • metal housing for standard air filters and for special filtration systems as well
  • counter frames for wall and duct mounting


Lombarda FiltriThe Company was established in 1982 by a team of people having former experiences in air filtration.

Since the very beginning Lombarda Filtri has favoured the use of cutting edge machineries expressly designed according to its own technical specifications, for the manufacturing of air filters for air conditioning and ventilation systems.

The high production standards allow the company to maintain maximum standard levels and offer the due flexibility for special customer requirements.

The products offering is the following:

  • flat and pleated filter panels, disposable or renewable. The filter medium can be made of synthetic or glass fibers and metal wire and they can be supplied in cardboard or galvanized steel frame, in a wide range of efficiency, size and thickness.
  • synthetic/glass fibers soft pocket filters with high dust holding capacity. A new model, fully disposable has been developed in the latest years. One of the key success factors of Lombarda Filtri is the extremely flexible manufacturing process and the ability to promptly meet the customers’ needs.

The company is certified according to
ISO 9001:2008


Union FoamSince 1978 UNION FOAM has been a leading european company in the field of research and in the production and sales of thermal and acoustic insulation systems produced in closed cell rubber foam.

The production plant (including a warehouse of raw materials, finished products and a laboratory) occupies an area of approximately 15000 square meters in the industrial area of Bellusco (MB).

In this plant Union Foam produces tubes, sheets and tapes in closed cell rubber foam of different thicknesses and with various protective finishings for the insulation of technological systems of domestic and industrial applications.